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  • Sonidi Overview

Sonidi Overview

Quick Setup

Sign up just takes a few minutes, you'll have to insert some basic info about your business, your website and your social pages. Done!

Job Management

Posting a new job takes no more than 5 minutes. Fill in the job title, location and description and you're good to go. This module will offer you the chance to keep your vacancies up to date, change their statuses, add notes and see how many applicants have applied so far.

Careers Branded Page

Sonidi can ensure a great applicant experience. You can either link to your Sonidi branded page (www.sonidi.com/company) or embed the vacancies into your website to act as a 'careers page'. Visitors to your page will be able to read, apply, share your jobs and business to the world. If you are creating your careers page and need any help, we have a team of experience designers that can do the job for you. Every submitted application will be processed by Sonidi's tracking system. Easy.

Job Aggregators

With Sonidi, forget about paying to promote your jobs on paid job boards. We push your job vacancies to aggregators such as Indeed, Trovit and Simply Hired, giving them all the needed visibility.

Applicant Management

With Sonidi you can manage large volumes of candidates. By rating each candidate and using our filtering capabilities, you can focus your attention on those candidates most suitable for the job. Analyze tracking and metrics for each candidate, measure the ROI from job boards, social media sites, referral programs and geo location. Candidates are more than just professionals, they have a personality, hobbies, passions. Sonidi helps you understand who is the candidates by allowing them to share videos, images and their social networks details.


Apart from its recruitment capabilities, Sonidi is also a collaboration tool. You can add notes and comments to each job vacancy and candidate, and share it with your other colleagues. No software is needed, you can simply access Sonidi from your laptop or tablet, read an application and add your comments to the cloud.